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21st May 2017
Buy a new camera and the box always contains a neck strap which is attach to the camera as an accessory. Camera companies do like to emblazon their logo on the strap (and more recently the model no.) in big bold letters, usually in either yellow or red on black. I wonder why. The reason is obvious. They like their cameras to be noticed and some people like being noticed with their camera. That's your call. I've always thought a plain black strap would be best as it would not attract attention, especially to potential thieves.

However, buying a replacement camera strap seemed a waste of money especially when the ones I had were not broken. So I taped over the logos on the neck straps with electricians tape to make them plain. With my first Fuji X camera, the X-E2, I even blacked out the logo on the camera to make it look more stealthy.

My view on camera straps being a waste of money changed when I came across in early 2016. I was searching for shoulder bags for my Fuji and found a company called ONA, who also make camera straps, vintage looking leather ones. Google found me a lot more but not any by Deadcameras. It was while searching through reviews that I found a review of a Deadcameras leather strap and the reviewer was raving about it. So I googled Deadcameras to reach their website. A very roundabout approach but my perseverance paid off as I found a company that creates absolutely gorgeous leather camera straps.

They are a small family-owned operation in Portugal, selling directly from their site, which is probably why they were hard to find. The straps are hand made to order, using premium quality leather in black or brown and come in different lengths and thicknesses. They are customisable or if you wish you can order a completely bespoke hand made strap. Prices include worldwide shipping and best of all, they do not break the bank.

My first purchase was The Brown Slim Strap for my X-E2. I chose a length of 115cm (5 lengths are available) with the dot colour in black. You need to decide how you are going to use the strap beforehand as they are not adjustable. This is a good thing as there are no annoying buckles or strap ends to detract from its clean lines. 115cm meant I could sling my camera cross-body to rest above my waist or off the shoulder to rest on my hip. The strap itself is a thing of beauty. Cushioning is provided by a pad of soft leather being hand stitched around the strap and the stitching is visible which adds to its luxurious feel. Where the strap attaches to the camera more small pads of leather are wrapped around the strap ends before being finished off with a decorative plastic dot. 7 colours are available to match spot colours on cameras / lenses. I chose a black dot.

The leather is very soft and malleable and can easily be wrapped around a wrist or the lens if required which was another reason I chose The Brown Slim Strap over others in the range. It was supplied in a small black pouch with spare small accessories included.

(Above) Fuji X-E2 with The Brown Slim Strap wrapped

(Below) Fuji X-E2 with The Brown Slim Strap - connection & pad detail

A few months later a purchased The Slim Strap for my X-T1. Being black it matches the camera perfectly and I chose a red plastic dot to match the red button on the top plate of the X-T1. A length of 105cm meant I could sling it around my neck so that the camera sits below my chest.

(Above) Fuji X-T1 with The Slim Strap wrapped

(Below) Fuji X-T1 with The Slim Strap - pad and red dot detail

The straps have been permanently attached to my cameras for over a year and they look and feel as good as new. Click on the link to visit Deadcameras and see for yourself.

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